Background and Philosophy


Are we all missing something?

Life in our community is so fast and pressured these days that once we get onto life’s roller coaster everything seems to become a blur. As soon as we go to school, we are pushed to get good grades in order to land a good job and attain a decent lifestyle. We are then constantly bombarded with so much advertising and entertainment that it is all too easy to get to the end of our lives without ever thinking, “Why am I doing what I’m doing?”


Perhaps we should get off the roller-coaster for a little breather and see that we are actually living in up-to-three worlds: Fantasy (imaginary things), Reality (the here and now) and Eternity (the paranormal, supernatural, spiritual and after-life – if you believe in these). The most important things in life are surely those that affect us for the longest. Imaginary things affect us only while we think about them. Real things affect us for a lifetime. But, Spiritual things, if they exist, may affect us now and eternally.


However, many people appear to have their priorities the other way up. We do need to live in all three worlds, but for most of us, our Reality is a set of routine daily chores. We can’t wait to get to the end of the day when we can escape into our favourite soap, or go down the pub and have one drink too many with our friends. On the other hand, our spiritual life tends to be way down the agenda, even below our daily chores.


FREdome – where the three worlds will one day meet


Initially we are using local community gatherings and the internet in order to identify, link and develop creative, beneficial and ethical Ideas, incorporating people’s Imagination, Innovation and Inspiration.


The ultimate vision is a major attraction and focal point, called FREdome – The Fantasy, Reality and Eternity Dome.


This will compare and explore these three worlds in a spectacular and rewarding way.


It will encourage people to step back from their pressured lives, work out what matters most and empower them to achieve their most cherished goals. It will draw together people with very diverse outlooks on life. It will stimulate and showcase ideas in these three worlds.




Figure 1 - FREdome Structure



The three worlds are each further subdivided into three:




FANTASY: Passive Fantasy we simply sit back and take in. Interactive Fantasy requires us to do something, or interact with other people. In Creative Fantasy we are using our own imaginations, instead of feeding off someone else’s.


REALITY: Being is what we need to do, simply to maintain the existence and comfort of ourselves and our dependants. Living is what we get out of life, over and above that. Output is helping other people or making our mark in the world.


ETERNITY: Our Personal Journey answers questions such as, “Is there a supernatural? How did we really get here? Who or what is the Highest Being?” Pastoral Care includes sharing the journey with others and receiving or ministering healing. Setting our minds and acting on Higher Things is giving tribute to the Highest Being, not to get anything for ourselves or others, but simply giving honour where it is due.



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Higher Things

Flow of material



Pastoral Care



Personal Journey

Draw people this way



A partnership between Arts, Business and Culture/Faith

Fantasy, Reality and Eternity each has something positive to emphasise in each other:




In essence, FREdome aims to make a better world for all children to inherit, by making ordinary people’s good ideas happen.

What we do now:

We help young people, including the disadvantaged, to achieve small and great things – gaining work experience in the process, and qualifications to support applications for higher education or employment. 


In partnership with these young people, we are:



The future...

We will use internet technology and our expanding network of powerful partner organisations to collect, discern and launch positive, grass-roots ideas into the arts, politics, commerce and faith communities.


This will steadily transform the world into a more enjoyable, fair, prosperous and safe place to live.


Our goal is that FREdome will grow into a global instrument for positive change for all.